Monday, May 28, 2012


Jolly-B Box Express Pte Ltd
Cheapest "Pinaka mura" & Unbeatable Balikbayan box rates

Tel: 6836 6241
Online Booking:

You may SMS your request for delivery or collection to Cell No.: 98636241 between 6:30pm and 9:30pm
Office Hours: 9:30am - 6:00pm (Mon-Sun)
Lucky plaza
Orchard rd, Singapore

jolly-b box express balikbayan

jolly-b box express balikbayan

1. Medium (22"x22"x21") - S$85 (Metro), S$95 (Luzon A & B), S$95 (Luzon C & D), S$115 (Visayas), S$120 (Leyte, Maaasin, Ormoc, Tacloban (City Limits Only) (Via Cebu), S$120 (Mindanao)
2. Large (28"x22"x22") - S$95 (Metro), S$115 (Luz A & B), S$120 (Luz C & D), S$130 (Vis), S$135 (Leyte, Maaasin, Ormoc, Tacloban (City Limits Only) (Via Cebu), S$135 (Min)
3. XL (30"x22.5"x22.5") - S$100 (Metro), S$120 (Luz A&B), S$130 (Luz C&D), S$135 (Vis), S$145 (Leyte, Maaasin, Ormoc, Tacloban (City Limits Only) (Via Cebu), S$145 (Min)
4. XXL (38"x23"x23") - S$110 (Metro), S$135 (Luz A&B), S$140 (Luz C&D), S$150 (Vis), S$155 (Leyte, Maaasin, Ormoc, Tacloban (City Limits Only) (Via Cebu), S$155 (Min)
5. Family Up-sized (45"x23.5"x23.5") - S$135 (Metro), S$155 (Luz A&B), S$165 (Luz C&D), S$165 (Vis), S$175 (Leyte, Maaasin, Ormoc, Tacloban (City Limits Only) (Via Cebu), S$175 (Min)
6. Tallest Odd size (54"x12"x32") or (137cm x31cm x 82cm) - for TV & furniture. Pls call us for free quotation

Free delivery/Pick up of Boxes (Deposit/Free Tape)
Weight Limit for Family Up-sized - 100kg
Departs twice weekly to Manila, every Tue & Fri
Visayas via Cebu Direct
Mindanao via Dava Direct

Mindanao: #Dipolog/Oroqueta/Zamboanga (city limits only) via MANILA
Palawan (Puerto Princesa) via Manila

jolly-b balikbayan box

jolly-b balikbayan box


  1. Lousy forwarder. I had my CPU air freighted to Manila and when it arrived at home the CPU cooler/fan was dislodged! Can you imagine the amount of force that would have happened to cause that?!!!!

    Further to this, my dad call them and was told that they are not liable for repair because insurance only covers loss!!!! I will never use this forwarder again!

  2. Nagpadala din ako sa kanila ng used lap top, ayaw ngang tanggapin pero pinilit ko lang (at my own risk daw), i just packed it on my own securely, luckily it arrived safe naman. ,


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